Mommy (But Still) Me

This is where my company was founded.

Even when you become a mom (or dad), you are still you.

It is so important for parents to remember that while parenting may be 'the most important job you'll ever do' (isn't that what all of the baby books tell you?), it is even more important to remember that you are a person apart from being mom or dad.

Your social, professional, and academic life don't need to end, even if they do slow down temporarily.

You are still a person who can do more than change diapers, or sing songs, or drive carpools, or coach games...or the thousands of other incredibly valuable things you do with--and for--your family every day. There is no right or wrong...but you still need to find a balance. 

With short term individual or group meetings, I will help you find a path you can love, and learn to support your self as much as you support those around you.

Some of what we will do:

Determine what you are interested in pursuing. Often after a break, we discover new ideas and passions.

The nuts and bolts of how to feel confident putting yourself into interview situations.

How to introduce the idea of going back to work/working more/changing careers with children of any age, as well as your partner or extended family.

How to decide how many hours are right for your family.

How to handle issues of childcare, or of continuing your child’s afterschool activities.

Whether you want to re-join the workplace, change up your current career, or look into other opportunities as your children move into new stages of life, I can help you navigate.

Stay at Home

Work Full Time

Everything in Between

Helping Parents Achieve New Levels