Mommy (But Still) Me

Life Coaching

When children are born, many parents throw themselves into their new role...and then look up one day and realize they can't remember who they are apart from the children.

Every Stage is a New Adventure
What's Your Next Move?

Because for everything you do, you're still you.

Are you looking to reinvigorate your career?
Considering a shift to something new?
Let me help you find your passion, so you can do what you love,
and love what you do.

Healthy Relationships

Maintaining a relationship is complicated. Learning to communicate so that you are really listening to one another, and finding positive compromise will make it easier.

These relationships can be between couples, or the dynamics between siblings or parents and children.

Being a parent is hard.
So is being a child.
With support, we can make it a little bit easier.

Disordered Eating

Many parents have concerns about their children and eating. Starting from a young age, the way we discuss food, health and bodies will affect our children.

I help parents who may have recovered from their own eating issues learn to speak with their children in a healthy way.

I have a program developed for parents/kids in late elementary through middle school, as well as individual availability.

Executive Functioning

Helping Your Student Succeed

When your child is balancing school and sports, along with ADD/ADHD or Executive Functioning struggles, they will likely be overwhelmed,

By creating systems with the student, I can offer support to increase productivity.

This work is primarily with the student, but I recommend some sessions with the parents, to coordinate goals.

Support for Children

School, friendships, extracurricular activities, these days have a lot on their minds.

Having someone to speak to about concerns that feel too big for them can make everything else run smoothly.

Events for Organizations & Groups

Mom's Groups
Religious Organizations
Preschool and Daycare Parents

I am available to lead group discussions, or to present topics individually or as a series.